Bitch Convinced and Fucked

Tame That BitchThe Assassin got something NEW for you today! Would you like to see a real bossy Bitch Convinced and Fucked? Oh really, I think everyone is looking forward to fuck his own female boss just to make clear who can be in charge one time. Especially when she is looking as hot as this naughty MILF babe here called Nena.

Indeed she’s got a big nose but who cares? Just take a look at her big firm tits and the tight premium ass. Penetrating her MILF holes must be so wonderful! This bitch convinced and fucked, is the former boss of a real porn production company. She actually just want’s to inspect the new set for the upcoming premium asses fucking production. It’ll have a touch of european porn movies but you can also just tell that it’s crap…

However this busty bitch get’s a little bit upset with the stage designer, the prison cell just doesn’t look like the one she had in mind. Maybe her mind needs to get fucked out by a big dick. She’s talking so fast and loud that everyone is about to get a headache..

She doesn’t stop bitching while dancing with her proper premium ass in front of the poor stage designer. There must be a way to stuff mouth, he’s thinking. He pulls out his big hard dick and fucks her throat without asking for a permission…

Bossy Bitch Convinced and Fucked

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.. ok why should he, I mean she’s just his bithing boss. The loan is aweful and he hasn’t been able to fuck a whore for ages. But where should he unload his big cum filled balls? Maybe right on these perfect big tits, straight into this tight premium ass or even in the filthy mouth to flood her cocksucking throat?

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